My name is Robin Reyns. I’m a 22 year old digital creative. Discover a new online experience.

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UI / UX Design

The look and feel of a website is very important. Your audience must have a great experience on your website while knowing where to find the information they need.

Front-end Development

Every website needs to be unique, it's your own space on the web. I love designing websites and developing them just as you want.

Motion Design

Do you want to tell a story, promote a new feature or product? Why not an animated video? The video explains everything your audience needs to know.

Online Marketing

Having an awesome website is one thing but is your audience getting there? Thanks to multiple analytics tools you can measure where, when and how your audience gets on your website.

About me

Hi, I'm Robin Reyns. I’m a 22 year old digital creative with a focus on user experience. After I graduated as a online marketeer I found my real passion so I went back to school for two years to get my webdesign/development degree

The combination of the two educations gives me a great insight in how the web works but also how customers behave. With a big variety of skills I've put my focus on User Experience and Front-end Development. If you're interested in working together or just want a chat, contact me below.

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"The only source of knowledge is experience."

©Albert Einstein

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IJbsaan Leuven

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Balanz Consulting

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Branding Robin Reyns

Client: Robin Reyns


logo Robin Reyns

This is the logo I designed for my own personal branding. I used the first letters of my first- and lastname. Between the dubble R you can see an arrow with the meaning of bringing your projects to the next level.

First I started drawing my logo. After a lot of sketches I had a good idea what I wanted for a logo. I did some research and searched for a great font to use. After that I changed the outlines of the font to create this logo.

Robin Reyns branding Robin Reyns logo


Client: Chestnote


Since I've made an animated video explanation for Chestnote I've made a lot of things. I've made a couple of animation video's, I designed some screens in there webapp, I designed multiple pictures for their social media, ...

Thanks to Chestnote I get the opportunity to design a lot of differenth things and improve my skills. I also get the opportunity to work in the KBC tower in Antwerp where a lot of Startup's are settled.

I would strongly recommend to check out their website and application. This project is probably the one I'm most proud of. When I started my first project for Chestnote they hadn't launched yet so it feels like my project aswell. I'm really proud to be a part of this team. Join the slow messaging community!

Introscreens Introscreens
Introscreens Introscreens


Client: Superbrein (Open VRT)



This project is situated in a project for VRT, the public radio and television station. The challenge was to build a complementary product for Superbrein, a popular kidshow about science. So my partner in crime Ditte and I build an amazing webapplication that held some really cool and scientific minigames.

The biggest challenge in this project was to develop a fun and easy web platform. My partner and I are designers but we managed to build the app in php and the mini games in Javascript. We even build an avatar function so the childeren could use their own avatar.

Check out our awesome game!

superlab minigame superlab avatar

IJsbaan Leuven

Client: IJsbaan Leuven


I designed the new website for the IJsbaan Leuven. Their website was outdated and they needed a new look. Because ice skating is a family activity, the new website would need a fresh but fun design.

Before i started designing this website, i had to create wireframes. I made these wireframes interactive in the Axure tool. The website is much more complex than it shows on the first sight. There is a reservation tool inside and customers can pay their tickets.

This was a really fun project to do because of the size of the website. This isn't a simple onepage website, this is a big website with a lot of data.

ijsbaan contact ijsbaan login


Client: BBB

Website: BBB's website


This project was my first wordpress website ever. I've got the designs from Kenneth and had to put these in a wordpress website. BBB means Brussels, Berlin and Barcelona, this is a music concept to have parties in these cities.

The site is still a proof of concept but i really liked working on it. Because the concept is really creative, the website also had to be like this. It has a fresh summer vibe and isn't a classic grid.

BBB Concept BBB gallery

Balanz Consulting

Client: Balanz Consulting

Website: Balanz Consulting


Balanz Consulting needed a website. They don't have a lot of content so I made a onepage Wordpress website. Because of the business side of the business, the website has the same style.

Balanz content Balanz contact

Show your Led

Client: A new Led application (schoolproject)

Website: Show your Led


In this project I had to create a new application for the usage of smart led lights. I had to decide a target group and a concept before starting to design my app. My target audience are showroom owners who want to save money during the day but especially by night.

With the usage of this app they could save a lot of money because they can group lights in section and control these section with timers and lightsensors

I designed the app very minimal and flat. I've chosen green because of the energy saving people could do. I also wanted to create a very easy to use application.

My iconset

Client: schoolproject



In this project I had to create an iconset in the same style as a chosen website. I chose Invision because they have a nice clean website and I really love their style

I tried to create minimal icons but with a strong background color. Also all icons have a small gap in their lines to give the icons something special.

Hit the sky

Client: schoolproject

Website: Hit the sky


I made the designs of a weather app. I'm a baseball player so I had the idea to make a weather app specially for baseball coaches and players.

The application has a special functionality as it decides what type of training will be possible at the day of practise.

I designed Hit the Sky in a minimalistic modern way. The colours in the app dependent on the colours of your team.

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